Rent to Own Cars Adelaide

Have you been searching for a dealership in Adelaide that offers a 'rent to own' option for purchasing cars? Well keep reading, because we have an even better solution that may suit you!


What are 'rent to own cars'?

Rent to own is a form of payment plan for cars. It allows you to get into a car upfront without applying for credit or loans. This is particularly useful if your credit score is lower, you're self employed and are having trouble finding finance, or you receive centrelink payments. Generally, rent to own cars are on a fixed term lock in contract.

How is Rent Wize Cars different?

  •  No lock in contract.
  •  Apply to buy at anytime.
  •  Fixed, affordable weekly payments.
  •  Every payment you make for your rental car lowers the buyout price, so the longer you rent the cheaper to buy!
  •  Risk free - hand the car back at any time, no questions asked.
  •  All vehicles come with mechanical protection.
  •  Fast and easy application process.

Who can apply?

We give you a second chance, anyone can apply including:

  •  Low credit score
  •  Self employed
  •  Centrelink or pension
  •  Single parents
  •  Students
  •  Bankrupt

Here's how to get started:

  1. 1. View the cars in stock now.
  2. 2. Submit an easy application.
  3. 3. Pick your car.
  4. 4. Get driving!

If you have any questions, email us at

or give us a call on 0402 556 005